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Blessed Be...Welcome to WiccaNet created by BlackRaven (BlkRvn)

Disclaimer: This page is not meant to infringe on copyrights held by others. My mission statement is to spread our beliefs and to connect other over the world. Any graphics used from other web pages are given credit. All text from other pages are given credit. If there is a problem with displaying your work please e-mail me. Thank you. Blessed Be.

Credits: for their use of text files.

Many files have been downloaded from AOL, Prodigy, FTP, and the Web. I thank the people for these files.

The Legendary Spinning Gold Pentacle: The spinning gold pentacle (copyright 1996 and used by permission) just above (next to the logo) was created by Marc Shannon and emailed to Wren as a gift back in late '96. She of course just loved it and has used it since her previous web daze. Marc created this animated image FOR the Pagan online community. Kindly credit Marc Shannon if you choose to use it on your site. (I have copied this "Legend" from . If you use the pentacle please include this message. BlkRv)

WiccaNet does not take any responsibility for our sponsors below.

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WiccaNet is a registerd trademark of Thrillogy GameWorks. All rights Reserved.

November 11, 1998